Axle End Face Rough Milling And Center Hole Drilling Machine (CMTJ2059)

機床簡介 | Machine profile


Rough milling end faces and drilling center holes of various types of vehicle axles (representative axle types: RD2, RE2, RE2B, RD3, RD3A1, urban rail vehicle axle, meter rail vehicle axle, etc.) (forged blank axles), suitable for the processing of vehicle axle end faces of various metal materials No.35-50 high-quality carbon steel, especially LZ35, LZ45, LZ50 steel and alloy steel vehicle axle end faces in the railway vehicle industry.

機床參數 | Technical parameters

機床中心高 | Center height of machine:1170mm

加工長度范圍 | Processing length range:1500mm~2700mm

夾持輪座直徑范圍 | Diameter range of wheel seat:φ100mm~φ280mm

單邊一次最大銑削深度 | Single side max. milling depth:15mm

鉆孔直徑范圍 | Boring hole diameter range:φ15mm~φ50mm

鉆中心孔深度 | Drilling center hole depth:≥50mm

工件銑削兩端面粗糙度 | End face roughness:Ra6.3

鉆中心孔粗糙度 | Roughness of drilling center hole:Ra6.3

鉆車軸兩端中心孔口部直徑差 | Diameter difference of center hole orifice at both ends:≤φ0.15mm

鉆車軸兩端中心孔同軸度誤差 | Coaxiality error of center holes at both ends:≤0.15mm

銑削車軸兩端面縱向對中誤差 | Longitudinal alignment error of two end faces:≤0.5mm

銑削車軸兩端面平行度 | Parallelism of two end faces:≤0.08mm

銑削車軸兩端面對中心線垂直度 | Center line perpendicularity of both end faces :0.08mm

機床特點 | Machine features


After the workpiece is positioned and clamped once, the rough milling of the end face and the drilling of the center hole can be completed. This machine adopts the method of simultaneous processing at both ends. It is a special equipment integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics. It is a highly automated numerical control equipment, which can meet the needs of multiple varieties and mass production.