CNC Dual End Axle Turning And Grinding Machine (CMTJ2107)

機床簡介 | Machine profile


The machine is applicable to the fine turning and grinding of wheel seat and journal of various types of axles of rail transit vehicles. Both axles with brake discs and gear boxes can be processed. The machine adopts top to positioning and dial drive, and has the functions of automatic detection, NC machining and automatic chip removal. The machine is fully protected, with double doors at the operating position. It is a machine lintegrating multi-function of turning and grinding.

機床參數 | Technical parameters

機床總功率 | Machine power:120Kw

最大零件重量 | Max. workpiece weigh:1500Kg

車軸長范圍 | Axle length range:2000~2500mm

最大車削深度 | Max. cutting depth:1mm

推薦磨削余量 | Surface roughness:≤0.5mm

表面粗糙度 | Surface roughness:磨削 Ra≤0.8μm 車削 Ra≤1.6μm

圓度 | Roundness:磨削 0.008 mm 車削 0.008 mm

圓柱度 | Circularity:磨削:0.010mm(大端靠內) 車削:0.015mm(大端靠內)