Turning Center (N30 Series)

機床簡介 | Machine profile


The equipment is particularly suitable for the finishing processing of axle shafts and other parts. Milling, drilling and rolling with a specific tool can also be achieved and integrated into a flexible conveying system. The modular design of the equipment is suitable for standard interface tools and clamping systems from multiple suppliers, such as spindle/subspindle, tailstock and tool spindle. It can be connected to the intelligent wheel and axle production line.

機床參數 | Technical parameters

機床尺寸 | Machine size:7695×3411×2570mm

最大車削長度 | Max turning length:3500mm

兩頂尖間距離 | Distance between two tops:3500mm

X軸行程 | X axis stroke:420mm

Z軸行程 | Z axis stroke:4054mm

加工噪音 | Processing noise:≤75dB

機床重量 | Machine weight:about 23T

機加工時間 | TAKT Whole length:全長:20分鐘/件(單刀架) 13分鐘/件(雙刀架)

修軸頸輪座 | Axle neck and wheel seat:10分鐘/件(單刀架) 6分鐘/件(雙刀架