Axle finish Machining Lathe (CK1832H)

機床簡介 | Machine profile


It can be used for the semi-fine and fine turning of various types of shafts of rail transit vehicles. It can process various arcs, cones and surfaces of rotating bodies, and is suitable for efficient, large-scale and high-precision processing of axles. It can turn various circular arc, cone and curved surface of rotary body, suitable for efficient, high-volume and high-precision machining of axle.

機床參數 | Technical parameters

最大加工直徑 | Max. processing dia.:Φ350

最大加工長度范圍 | Max. processing length range:3000mm

頂尖允許最大工件重量 | Max. workpiece weight:1500Kg

自動刀塔工位 | Auto tool magazine stations:8

機床總功率 | Total power:80Kw

加工精度 | Machining accuracy:IT6

加工表面粗糙度 | Roughness of processed surface:Ra1.6

加工件圓度 | Roundness of processed axle:≤0.05

加工件圓柱度 | Cylindricity of processed axle:≤0.02/300mm

機床特點 | Machine features

床身采用整體60°斜床身,床身滑動導軌采用整體鑲鋼導軌;雙刀架配置(可選單、雙刀架),可左右兩端同時加工;配備刀具磨損檢測裝置,系統能根據檢測刀片磨損情況自動進行刀具補償并能預測刀具壽命,以保證正在加工的刀片磨損在可控范圍;配置工件測量裝置,可實現自動對刀、車軸各外徑直徑測量、車軸長度測量。 可接入智能化輪軸產線。

The equipment adopts an integral 60° inclined bed, and the sliding guide rail adopts an integral steel guide rail; double tool post configuration (single/double tool post optional ), both ends can be processed simultaneously; equipped with tool wear detection device, the system can automatically compensate the tool and predict the tool life according to the detection of blade wear, so as to ensure that the blade wear in processing is in a controllable range; equipped with workpiece measuring device. It can realize automatic tool setting, axle outer diameter measurement and axle length measurement. It can be connected to intelligent axle production line.