Friction Driven Wheel Lathe (Swing Arm Type) (CKM8013)

機床簡介 | Machine profile

機床適用于軌距1435mm鐵路客車、貨車、機車、動車、地鐵機車車輛等輪對的磨耗車輪以及新輪對的輪緣、踏面、內側面、外側面、輪載及軸載制動盤面的車削加工。 該機床采用頂尖定位、摩擦驅動,具有自動檢測、數控加工、自動排屑等功能。機床為全防護,操作位置雙門對開;機床可與HMIS系統進行數據通信。

The machine is applicable to the machining of rims, treads, inner surfaces, outer surfaces, wheel-load and axle-load brake disk surfaces of worn wheels and new wheel sets of railway passenger cars, freight car, locomotives,CRH trains, subway lpcpmptives and passenger cars etc. whose track gauge 1435mm. The machine adopts top positioning, friction drive, has automatic detection, CNC machining, automatic chip removal and other functions. The machine tool is fully guarded and a double door is arranged for operating position; the machine can make data communication with the HMIS system.

機床參數 | Technical parameters

機床總功率 | Machine power:120Kw

最大切削深度 | Max. cutting depth:8mm

機床外形尺寸 | Machine dimensions:6050×2990×1650mm

加工節拍 | TAKT:單刀機加工時間≤25min

加工前測量 | Pre-measuring:2.5min

加工后測量 | Post-measuring:2.5min