輪對在線檢測系統 (固定式)(CMTJ2098A)

Wheelset Online Diagnosis System (Fixed Type) (CMTJ2098A)

機床簡介 | Machine profile

該系統為車輪通過式在線檢測、診斷系統;可自動識別列車編號及類型,自動檢測、記錄列車各條輪對的圓度、直徑、車輪的廓形、等效錐度及多邊形等,輪對狀態監測準確可靠,在每輛列車維修前,系統已掌握并記錄了列車每條輪對的詳細狀態信息,可與不落輪鏇機床進行數據通訊,并將數據傳輸至指定的信息系統中。 固定式為檢測系統不動,車輛移動進行檢測。

The system is a wheel pass type online detection and diagnosis system. It can automatically identify the train number and type, automatically detect and record the roundness, diameter, wheel profile, equivalent taper and polygon of each wheel set of the train, etc. The condition monitoring is accurate and reliable. Before each train is repaired, the system has mastered and recorded the detailed status of each wheel set; it can communicate with underfloor wheel lathe, and transmit the data to the specified information system. The fixed type is that the detection system is installed in pit and the vehicle moves for detection.